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Written by tenfree   
Monday, 24 March 2008

950 S. Broadway, Downtown LA
Exit 110 N. Fwy at 9th, right on S. Broadway
(213) 623-4408
Sun - Sat: 6:30pm - 2am
Cover: $5 after 8pm (VISA/MC) Dance fee: $30/hr

Real window of opportunity for mileage is 6:30 PM until about 8:00 PM (maybe a little longer on Monday/Tuesday). You will be searched at the door. The main (first) floor is for non-dancing patrons and where the girls not dancing stand around. The club has a mezzanine that overlooks the main floor, a second floor and a third floor. All of these areas offer lots of places to hide. There are no cameras. The guards rarely if ever come up from the main floor. Your only concern is keeping the waitress from sneaking up on you. You can usually solve this problem by getting your drinks on the main floor and then telling the waitress that you have a drink and will not need any more service. The action is on the couches. A sign on the wall downstairs indicates the various types of music they play, but most of it is that "dance around your hat music." Many of the girls speak very little English, but everyone understands "dinero."

The girls at this club work 95% for minutes only. That is what I mean by dance intensive. They get a share of the dance fee based on how many minutes they dance per week. I think the same applies to the other Latino clubs, with the exception of LA Grand and Tropical. There the girls do expect a tip. A former club owner told me a story of how he once tried to tip a girl $20 at Danceland but she asked him if he would buy another hour of dance time instead. He told me the clubs have the girls "brainwashed" into emphasizing the accumulation of dance minutes.

If you find a girl that does something extra of course tip her; but if all she does is grind or let you grab a little there is no need. Their regular Latino customers do that anyway without tipping. These guys typically keep girls several hours, do what they can, and don't tip. It is the way it works in this club; the girls are basically working for minutes only.

I heard that many veterans were very pissed about the way prices skyrocketed after the (pre-raid) newbie invasion at Danceland. So what, you say?   It used to be that you could strike up a conversation with them (since you would be one of the few other English speaking patrons in the club), get to know them a bit, and exchange inside information with them. Now, many of them are reluctant to share information with newbies; they blame them for overpaying and making the girls overly greedy, which they feel resulted in vice being able to easily catch girls willing to do extra.

If you keep a girl 2 hours she is not expecting a $40 tip. She is happy to have made the 120 minutes. If you get a girl who provides extras be reasonable with your tip. $10 here is good, $20 makes you a king! Live by these rules and you will find that: 1) you can have a good time there, 2) the girls will like you, 3) the club will not attract unwanted heat from LE, and 4) some of the veterans will lose the chip on their shoulders and start sharing their inside info with you.

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