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How do these places work?
Written by TenFree   
Wednesday, 12 May 2004

The format is basically the same at all clubs. Instead of buying tickets like in the old taxi dance halls of the pre-WWII era, when you ask a girl to dance she'll tell a person at the counter to clock her in. The counter person will take a card from a rack and punch a time clock. For $.50 a minute, which works out to $30 an hour (there's a 10 min. minimum at most clubs), you can dance and/or sit and talk on couches with the girl(s) of your choice.


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What are these places all about?
Written by TenFree   
Wednesday, 12 May 2004
At one level what they’re about is fantasy, although a different type of fantasy than strip clubs. The hostess club fantasy is, or is at least designed to be, more pseudo-romantic in nature.

It’s no coincidence that these places have (or had) names like Fantasy, Dreamland, Paradise, etc. The original function of these clubs, after all, was to provide the large numbers of new, unassimilated male ethnic immigrants who began arriving in the late 1960’s following a change in immigration policy, with female contacts.

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What are the different types of hostess clubs?
Written by TenFree   
Wednesday, 19 March 2008
There are really two distinct genres of hostess clubs. The smaller category includes the ones that draw a racially mixed crowd. Here most of the girls speak decent English. Physically, these are the nicer clubs. There are basically only two clubs left in this category, Starlight and Fantasy. Then there are the Latino clubs, which cater primarily to working class Latinos and the girls are almost exclusively Latinas. Most girls speak only very limited, or zero, English. I suspect that many are undocumented. Many are quite young.
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